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Xtend Outbound Dialer

Cost-effective and affordable communication product with advanced features to deliver information to customers about various services, offers etc.


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Any enterprise with an existing strong base of customers can achieve high-end profits in business through telemarketing. Within a short span of time, attractive campaigns can be designed and configured through Xtend OBD to target a group of customers. Outbound Dialer initiates all outbound calls and keeps track of all dial-out activities to meet the defined business goals. Applicable areas include Telemarketing, Product Campaign, Upcoming Exhibitions, Event Notification etc.

Finance Sector

Using Xtend OBD, financial transactions can be reduced to a large extent as the automated phone can make calls to inform the customer about due payments, bill dates and much more. Applicable areas include Telebanking Services, Payment Reminder, Stock Updates, Bill Date Notification etc.


Xtend OBD serves as a significant tool in election campaigning as the public can be made aware of the parties and nominated candidates over phone. Opinion polls can be carried out to know the views, reactions and comments of the people related to various issues for the development of economy. Applicable areas include Election Campaign, Surveys, Public Polls etc.


Institutes can design campaigns with details of courses and registration dates for the knowledge of students. Every year a number of calls has to be made to inform guardians or officials about the activities taking place in the educational institutions. Xtend OBD can help you deliver information to a large number of people in little time with minimum cost. Applicable areas include Course Registration, Upcoming Events, Meeting Notification etc.

Travel & Tourism

Lot of time is spent by the customers to get the details of train or flight status, also the support staff has to perform repetitive tasks over phone. In order to avoid delays and provide service to enormous customers at a time, Xtend OBD is the right choice! Just load the call list and configure the campaign, rest is the work of our Oubound Dialer that can automatically dial-out numbers to deliver instant information.


The Outbound Dialer dials out large number of phone numbers together and reaches out to thousands of people with variety of campaigns. The campaigns can include advertisement of events, programs, lottery numbers, horoscope etc. to the public. This helps to increase sales revenue, saves time and cost with usage of minimum resources. Applicable areas include Televoting, Upcoming Movies, Horoscope, Lottery etc.