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Xtend Call Center Solutions

Automated inbound/outbound call mangement platform to proactively serve customers and deliver superior customer experience.


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Efficient Call Management

With the implementation of Xtend Call Center Solutions, the calls can be efficiently managed in a contact center. The inbound application automatically attends the incoming calls so that the time consumed by the support staff can be reduced to a large extent. The outbound application dials from multiple channels at a time to connect and convey information to different customers about offers, programs etc.

Sales Promotion

The outbound application of Xtend Call Center Solution can be employed as a telemarketing tool to promote the products or services through advertisements, teleselling etc. The auto-dialer tries to reach maximum number of customers with variety of campaigns within a short period of time.

Performance Management

The higher level management can monitor the inbound and outbound calls and listen to the real-time interactions at any time. The generated reports are useful to evaluate the service rendered by the agents.

Reduces Call Cost

The call costs can be reduced through automated dial-outs from Xtend Call Center System as a part of sales process and the productivity can be relatively increased, thus resulting in higher business profits.

Flexible and Seamless Integration

The automated telephony application can seamlessly integrate with Analog, ISDN PRI, VoIP lines to automatically filter, orchestrate and manage outbound campaigns in a better pace.